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Areas of expertise:

Psychological evaluations (testing)

Dr. McNeill's graduate training included years of administering comprehensive psychological evaluations within various contexts, including a psychiatric hospital, grade schools and a mental health center.  Due to her wealth of knowledge, she does not utilize the 'cookie-cutter' approach when administering evaluations.  Instead, Dr. McNeill takes a very detailed approach, tailored to each client.  According to the referral question and the specific needs of the individual, a psychological evaluation includes a diagnostic intake and can assess any of the following areas: personality, mood, IQ/intellect, achievement, adaptive functioning, memory, AD/HD, trauma, psychoticism, etc.  All evaluations are followed by an extensive, professionally written report with applicable diagnoses.  Dr. McNeill administers evaluations to adults of any age and children over the age of five.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dr. McNeill offers individual therapy for adults and children, with mild, medium and severe mental health diagnoses, as well as for people without any mental health diagnoses.  Dr. McNeill received her Ph.D. from Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, where CBT is taught with intensity.  She is therefore trained to look for specific routes that a person can take to improve his/her own thoughts and actions.  This includes analyzing the client’s personal perspective, beliefs, motivations, emotions and biases, as well as their own self-concept and their value system.  In addition, the client’s conduct, habits, learned responses and behavioral tendencies are explored.  CBT suggests the manner in which a person can alter their thought patterns (cognitions) and their actions (behaviors) to usher in stability and wholeness.  CBT is exceptionally effective when applied with genuine effort.

Areas of expertise (continued):

Christian therapy

 As a deeply devoted Christian, Dr. McNeill welcomes the opportunity to discuss spiritual matters, but solely at the discretion of the client.  Clients who are struggling with any aspect of their faith generally find relief in openly conversing about this subject matter, without any fear of misunderstanding, judgment or condemnation.  Dr. McNeill’s own faith walk and her relationship with Christ allows her the freedom to be a refuge or a listening ear to those who are on their own spiritual journey.  However, spirituality is only discussed if the client chooses and clients who do not espouse any spiritual beliefs find that this subject matter is not broached.

Child and adolescent therapy

Dr. McNeill’s graduate training included a detailed focus on childhood mental health and the psychological treatment of youth.  In addition, Dr. McNeill has a master’s degree in secondary education, which also lends to the understanding of the unique needs and challenges of children.  Children over the age of seven can be seen for individual therapy for an array of issues.  Parents must be involved on some, or all, of the therapy sessions to unsure that the benefits of therapy are generalized to the home environment.